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An Inside Look at 'The Outside Story' With Olivia Edward

An Inside Look at 'The Outside Story' With Olivia Edward

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Olivia Edward is only fourteen years old, and has had incredible TV success with shows like Better Things on FX and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on The CW. Now, she's taking her talents to the big screen, starring alongside Brian Tyree Henry in a new movie! Our Hollywood Insider Arthur Kade sat down with Edward to talk about her new film!

Outside With Olivia 

Brian Tyree Henry is best known for playing Alfred Miles, AKA Paper Boi on Donald Glover's Emmy award winning show Atlanta, but he'll be stepping into the role of Charles Young in The Outside Story.

Charles plays a man struggling through a breakup, when he gets locked out of his apartment. Kade discussed Edward's role in the upcoming film with her:

"So I play Elaina, who's one of his neighbors in the apartment. She's 12 years old, she's a piano prodigy. She's very mature, very wise beyond her years, but she can also be a bit closed off."

Edward has had a lot of preparation for this role, being lucky enough to work on the Emmy nominated show Better Things.She also discussed what she's learned from her fellow cast-mates on the show:

"I feel so honored to be working with them, because I feel like I learn a lot from them just watching them, being in the scene with them, it's really cool. And both these projects, Better Things and The Outside Story, I've had a blast on both of them."

Keep an eye out for Olivia, because she has a whole lot more success coming her way!

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