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What We're Watching For Monday, October 12th

What We're Watching For Monday, October 12th
One Day at a Time - Checking Boxes (Sneak Peek 1)

Here's your Monday binge list.

Finally after years and years and years and then another week of waiting...the great producer, Norman Lear, is bringing his groundbreaking show: One Day At A Time, back to CBS.

One Day At A Time on CBS

What an amazing story this is. The original One Day at a Time starring Valerie Bertinelli and Bonnie Franklin debuted on CBS in 1975.

Then in 2017, original producer Norman Lear, reimagined the show with a Latinx family and debuted in on Netflix.

Despite a loyal audience, Netflix canceled the show, but after an outcry from fans it was picked up by Pop TV.

Well, Pop TV happens to have the same parent company as CBS, so now, because Covid has caused a shortage of new programming for the networks, One Day at a Time is coming back to CBS!

With its Latinx cast and LGBTQ storylines, this show is as groundbreaking as ever. And with the EGOT legend, Rita Moreno as the matriarch, it is must watch, laugh out loud funny television.

Look for episodes on CBS Mondays! (and catch up on the first seasons on Netflix)

The Last Ice on Nat Geo Wild

As climate change destroys the Arctic sea ice, over 100,000 Inuit people find their entire way of life at stake.

From filmmaker Scott Ressler and executive producer Enric Sala, The Last Ice documents their fight to preserve the Arctic and with it centuries of culture.

American Ninja Warrior Semi-Finals on NBC

The Semi-finals kick off with a brand-new obstacle that will make the ninjas' heads spin.

The Family Chantel on TLC

Tonight The Family Chantel returns with new episodes on TLC!

Days of Our Lives on NBC

This marks the final week on Days of Our Lives for actress Kristian Alfonso. She will be ending her long run as Hope Brady. Kristian shared these photos on Instagram.

Last Looks on Quibi

Narrated and executive produced by Dakota Fanning, Last Looks investigates the real crimes that have shaken the fashion industry. Featuring in-depth interviews, evocative recreations, and immersive timelines, Last Looks charts the sequence of events that led to the crime, and explores each scandal's impact on society and culture.

Trapped on YouTube

Every year, millions of Americans are incarcerated before even being charged with a crime-- all because they can't afford to post bail. How did we get here? This October 12th, Trapped: Cash Bail in America shines a light on our deeply flawed criminal justice system.

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