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Nev Schulman & Kamie Crawford Return For One Of The Most Emotional Seasons Of 'Catfish'

The global pandemic drastically affected our screen times, including our searches for mates online.

Catfish is putting the spotlight on some of the wildest stories to come out of the dating world's internet journey last year.

"It's crazy. Every single episode gets more and more wild and honestly I think the best way to describe this round of episodes is just weird. Now that things are getting a little bit back to normal, people aren't going to be able to make up the same lies and excuses that they have before."" Kamie Crawford said.

"Everyone can relate to the show now more because we all know what it feels like to be isolated at home with only our computer to connect us to the outside world or our phone and so I think people are really even more drawn to the show now because they can relate to it. There were so many moments where I said to Kamie, 'I have no idea what's happening. What is this? What should we say? Or, should we even be making this episode? Are we allowed to do this?' It gets really deep and very emotional and dramatic." Nev Schulman said.

New epodes of Catfish air Tuesday nights on MTV.

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