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Michelle Obama Opens Up About Her 'Low-Grade Depression'

The former first lady discusses her mental health on her recent podcast episode.

Michelle Obama opened up about her experiences with Washington Post columnist Michelle Norris on the second episode of her podcast, "The Michelle Obama Podcast." She said her mental health has been impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown, racial strife in the US and the "hypocrisy" of the Trump administration.

The former first lady shared in a Wednesday episode of her podcast that the current state of the world has emotionally affected her. She admitted she is suffering from "some form of low-grade depression." Obama goes on to say:

"I know that I am dealing with some form of low-grade depression. Not just because of the quarantine, but because of the racial strife, and just seeing this administration, watching the hypocrisy of it, day in and day out, is dispiriting. So I've had to kind of give myself that, those days, those moments. Part of this depression is also a result of, what we're seeing in terms of the protests, the continued racial unrest, that has plagued this country, since its birth."

Despite this, Obama said she is "heartened" by the young people protesting for what they believe in. She said:

"I am heartened by the depth, the sustained vigor, the diversity, the peaceful nature of these protests. That helps me sleep at night. That reminds me of the truth. No matter how I feel or what my lull is, we are making progress. There is that truth."

You can listen to "The Michelle Obama Podcast" here.

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