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How to *Actually* Pronounce Lindsay Lohan's Name

How to *Actually* Pronounce Lindsay Lohan's Name
Image Via Instagram

Lindsay Lohan add for Planet Fitness

The celebrity recently revealed this shocking news that has fans completely shocked!

Is it possible we've been saying Lindsay Lohan's name wrong this entire time?!

The 35-year-old actress, most commonly known for her roles in the films Mean Girls, The Parent Trap, and Freaky Friday, has recently joined TikTok and posted a video that has her fans super confused.

Lohan said in the video:

"Hey everyone. It’s Lindsay Lohan, and guess what? Now I’m on TikTok."

Super normal video? Yes. But what isn't normal is the way she pronounced her name.

Fans (for basically Lohan's entire life) have pronounced her name as "Low-Han" but in the video she pronounced it was "Low-En."

The celebrity has made no official comment back to the confusion, but fans are certainly up in arms about the matter, as you can see on the comment section of the original TikTok Lohan posted.

Check out the viral video on TikTok below:


I’m on Tiktok Now! 🥰 #imontiktoknow

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