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Lil Nas X Tweets About Possibly Being 'A Little Bisexual'

Lil Nas X
Instagram (@lilnasx)

Lil Nas X Tweets About Possibly Being 'A Little Bisexual'

The Grammy-winning rapper took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

Is he, a little… y’know?

After being celebrated for years as an out gay rapper who made several references to his queerness in songs, performances, music videos, and social media posts, Lil Nas X has now shared a new tweet about potentially identifying as bisexual.

The rapper wrote:

“Be fr would y’all be mad at me if I thought I was a little bisexual.”

Everything that X shares on social media should be taken with a grain of salt, as the rapper is famous for joking around, trolling, and not taking himself too seriously. The undertone of his “bisexual coming out” tweet seems like it could be humorous, but maybe the rapper did mean it.

“That was my last time coming out the closet I promise,” Nas X wrote in a follow-up tweet.

He then retweeted a fan who wrote, “You ain’t bisexual [n-word] you just bi yourself [laughing emoji].”

It’s still unclear if X now officially identifies as bisexual, or if he was just kidding and some people are taking it seriously. Either way, we’ll always love X and his music – however he identifies!

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