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That One Time Leslie Knope Met Joe Biden

That One Time Leslie Knope Met Joe Biden

If you're a fan of 'Parks and Recreation,' it's no secret that government doesn't get anyone as excited as Leslie Knope. As President Biden's biggest fan, we're looking back at the times Amy Poehler's character was the biggest fangirl.

Before there's any debate that Leslie Knope is doing anything but bouncing off of the walls during today's inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, here's a look back at her love affair with the government.

"He is precious cargo!"

For their engagement, Leslie (Amy Poehler)'s fiancé Ben (Adam Scott) called in a couple hundred favors for her to meet her one true love, besides Ben of course, Joe Biden.

In this episode of Parks and Recreation, Leslie stammeringly flirts with the now President, agreeing to a job he did not offer and admiring his dashing looks. On the way out she makes sure the security guard stops at nothing to protect Biden stating,

"You don't let anything happen to him, you understand me? He is precious cargo!"

"Sweet sugar of bureaucracy at work."

Season 5, Episode 1 grants Leslie all of her political dream meetings. Before the meet and greet begins, Leslie stares at the Washington Monument with Andy (Chris Pratt) and gleaming, she states,

"Washington D.C. You can taste the sweet sugar of bureaucracy at work,"

"You are my role models."

The same episode features Leslie doing what most crazed fans do, bombing her meeting with her superheroes.

Before leaving her conversation with former Senators Barbara Boxer and Olympia Snow, Leslie awkwardly states,

"I just wanted to say that you are my role models and you are incredibly amazing women and it is an honor to meet you and I really respect your grace under pressure and thank you for your time."

Upset afterwards, Leslie mopes in the coatroom, getting in the way of former Senator John McCain and paying no attention to his words of comfort.

Shrine of All Shrines

Not convinced of Leslie's obsession yet? Since season one, Leslie has hosted a shrine to her favorite female political warriors on her desk.

Such women featured are Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, former Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright, former Governor Sarah Palin, and former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton.

"I agree with you on all things, throughout history and 'til the end of time."

Season 6, Episode 21 shows Leslie on her way up the political ladder and meeting former First Lady Michelle Obama. Leslie of course geeks out and stutters,

"I agree with you on all things, throughout history and 'til the end of time."

"Yesterday I was Hillary Clinton and today I am Bill."

Discussing her good cop, bad cop view on work matters, Leslie drops this iconic quote,

"Yesterday I was tough and direct; today I have to be charming. Basically, yesterday I was Hilary Clinton and today I am Bill."

"He is my celebrity sex list."

Just in case you forgot Leslie Knope has the fattest celebrity crush on Joe Biden, Peacock compiled a condensed list of every time Leslie has mentioned President Joe Biden.

People everywhere are rejoicing the start of a new chapter for our nation, but we must always commemorate and recognize President Joe Biden's biggest supporter, future president Leslie Knope.

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