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A First Look at 'Space Jam: A New Legacy'

Can the King live up to the GOAT's legacy in the upcoming film?

Lebron James has it all. A loving family, sons on their way to the NBA, millions of dollars in the bank, and he's a four time champion and MVP. There's only one thing he hasn't conquered yet: The Goon Squad.

In an interview with EW, James talked about the new film for the first time, joking, ""The Goon Squad is probably the best team ever assembled in basketball history."

James will be starring in Space Jam: A New Legacy, set to hit theaters on July 15th of this year, in what will be both a test for the industry, as this film is set to hit theaters and be released on HBO Max at the same time. It's a true test if the adaptations made to cinema releases during the coronavirus pandemic are here to stay or not.

James, of course, also has lofty shoes to fill. The original Space Jam, which starred NBA icon Michael Jordan, is a staple of sports cinema and a cult classic among basketball fans.

James has, of course, had far more high pressure and important comparisons to the legend, chasing the GOAT status Jordan's held for so long his entire career, but a direct comparison between Jordan and James is never something to scoff at.

Space Jam netted $320 million in theaters and spawned a billion dollar merchandise empire. To this day, Space Jam themed basketball shoes are some of the highest commodities on the sneaker market.

While Lebron has his own production empire behind him for shows like The Shop on HBO and his guest appearance in the Judd Apatow-led Train Wreck, this will be the first time James is starring in his own film. But, given he's never failed

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