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Kane Brown Got Lost On His Own Property, Rescued by Police

Kane Brown Got Lost On His Own Property, Rescued by Police

Kane Brown

The country was exploring his 30-acre property when he realized he was lost!

Country musician Kane Brown is recounting his experience of getting lost on his own 30-acre property with a group of friends.

According to Brown's story, him and a few friends went walking around his property to explore the land, but ended up getting lost on their way back to the house. Brown attributes getting lost to the fact that he recently moved into this new house with lots of area around it. He recalls:

"The real story is I moved into a new house. I own 30 acres of 3000 around me. I told my wife I wanted to go check out the property I'll be 30 minutes."

Turns out, it wasn't only 30 minutes they were out there. Brown and his friends ends up being out on the property for three hours when it started raining and then getting dark. The singer's phone began to drop in battery life as he attempted several time to use the GPS to get back to his home, but failed every time. He decided to call Ryan Upchurch, a fellow musician and a friend who lives nearby. Even with Upchurch's help, there were not only three people lost, but now a total of five people walking around. Then, matters turned worse. Brown says:

"He has four other friends riding around in a canam and they start getting shot at. My buddy's girl who has asthma started then freaking out. We HAD to get her out. So we call the cops. The cops arrive and hear the gun shots and think we are shooting at them. We yell at them and tell them we are not armed and made it out."

Thankfully, all of the five people lost on Brown's property made it out alright. While people have been making light of the situation with memes, Upchurch and Brown have both released statements that it was a terrifying time for everyone involved. Upchurch said post-experience:

"When you're in pitch black and your eyeballs are open and you can't even see your hand in front of your face, and you're on thousands of acres that you've never even been on before, it's kinda hard to find your way out. Just sayin'. It's obvious some of y'all never been lost in the woods before, but if you get dropped in thousands of acres blind as f— in a place you ain't never been in before, probably gonna get lost."

We're just glad everyone is okay. To listen to Kane Brown's newest single, Cool Again, click here!

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