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Julia Fox Credits Kanye West for Her "Transformation"

Julia Fox Credits Kanye West for Her "Transformation"
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"I just feel really safe with him," Julia Fox said about Kanye West as she opened up to Interview Magazine about their whirlwind romance with the rapper.

Julia Fox has seen quite the change in herself after her recent outings with Kanye West — and she's excited about the journey. She detailed the latest in their ongoing romance during an interview with Interview Magazine published Saturday, January 15, titled "Fox News."

Fox said,

"My transformation was the wildest thing he created for me. After meeting him, a couple of days later, all my s—t was in boxes, gone. It was so cathartic. It wasn't like I was just packing up my old clothes. It was like I was packing up my old life. I was like making that very conscious decision to really put everything in the box. To let go of the past."

The Uncut Gems actress told the magazine that she was "really surrendering" to this process.

"For someone like me who's such a control freak and always so used to taking care of myself, to just let go and be taken care of is foreign at this point in life," Fox explained. "I've been the primary caretaker of everyone for so long, so it's a new sensation, but honestly, I think I deserve it. Even a month ago, I was so f—king like not getting along with my son's father [ex-husband Peter Artemiev] or not having help. It was just me alone. I was so tired, and everything was work. … And then a few days later, there I am with Ye, and it was the most instant natural organic attraction and connection. I just feel really safe with him. It's a redemption story."

The actress explained that she and the Yeezy designer, 44, often share "ideas" when they are alone, saying:

"That's what's so exciting about being in the vicinity of someone who's operating at the level that he is. These seemingly crazy ideas, he can make them come to life."

Fox and the West's relationship first made headlines earlier this month after being spotted on a series of Broadway and dinner dates. At the time, a source said that the duo were just "having fun" on the "casual" outing, hinting that the "Heartless" rapper "wanted to get to know her better" after connecting through mutual friends.

The No Sudden Move actress has since praised their romance and even denied it was set up as a PR stunt amid his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

"I feel like, to the people who know us both personally, like, all the people that we have in common, like, friends in common, have texted me like, 'Oh, my God, this makes so much sense,'"

On Thursday, January 14, Fox further explained this during the episode of her "Forbidden Fruits" podcast.

"There's always people that think every single celebrity scandal is a setup. I personally don't. Listen, for right now, I'm just living in the moment, and I don't have any expectations — there are no labels, none of that. It's just people that make each other feel better."

West has made recent headlines after making comments claiming he wasn't allowed to see his children, sharing that Pete Davidson was allegedly the reason that he was unable to visit his kids at their home in Hidden Hills.

"I am hearing that the new boyfriend is actually in the house that I can't even go to," he said before ranting, "And, that's where I call my cousins. And, my cousin is real opinionated, you know that.""And I said, 'I need you to go and say these two things.' Security ain't going to be in between me and my children, and my children ain't going to be on TikTok without my permission."

The rapper took things further by releasing a diss track against Davidson titled 'Eazy,' where hetalks about his divorce with Kim Kardashian, and his 'desire' to "beat Pete Davidson's a**."

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