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Inside Look At Amazon Prime Video's New Show 'Utopia' Starring Rainn Wilson

Inside Look At Amazon Prime Video's New Show 'Utopia' Starring Rainn Wilson

Hear from the cast of the new pandemic show 'Utopia'

We spoke to the cast and creator of Utopia to get the inside scoop on this new sci-fi action thriller series that parallels what we are living through today.

Utopia is a British series that has been adapted by Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn. Utopia is about a killer virus, created by an evil doctor, that was predicted to happen in the comic book "Utopia." The main character of the comic, Jessica Hyde, is discovered to be alive and joins a rag tag group of believers that the comic book is really coming true.

Rainn Wilson, from The Office, stars as Michael Sterns, a forgotten scientist.

"It's astonishing the amount of parallels between Utopia and what's going on in the real world today as we were filming this kind of fictional pandemic just months before a real, actual pandemic. Gillian and I and the cast were absolutely dumb-struck."

John Cusack plays Dr. Kevin Christie, the brilliant biotech who wants to change the world.

"Surreal is the right word. I don't think when we started we though that it would mirror reality quite so much."

Ashleigh LaThrop is Becky, a young girl with a terminal illness that believes "Utopia" has the answers for curing her.

"Utopia is dark but it's got such moments of levity and it's got so much action and it's, you know, adventure and questions and conspiracies."

Jessica Rothe is playing the comic book expert Samantha.

"I think that this show has so much hope and so much heart and I can't wait for the world to see it."

The creator Gillian Flynn told us that art is at its best with people want to discuss it and with how much this show mirrors our lives today and what we have lived through since March people will be buzzing about Utopia.

The cast hopes that viewers will feel a sense of processing, coping and persevering through these unprecedented times after watching Utopia.

Utopia is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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