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Ice-T Shares How This Season Of ‘Law and Order: SVU' Tackles Big Issues

Ice-T Shares How This Season Of ‘Law and Order: SVU' Tackles Big Issues

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Ice-T talks about the newest episodes of SVU.

Ice-T is an iconic rapper and actor, notably starring in Law and Order: SVUfor 20 years.

SVU is in its 22nd season and has resumed production amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Its new season includes current events and themes including the pandemic, racism, and police brutality.

Ice-T shared:

They're going in head first. They're tackling racism; they're tackling police brutality; they're tackling everything

Ice-T explained that the show is doing its best to stay current with the times. In the new season of SVU, viewers will see the characters in masks and social distancing, trying to navigate situations with the pandemic as part of the story.

Jamie Gray Hyder, another star of the show, also joined us to talk about the show's core theme, sexual violence. She shared her perspective after having survivors of sexual assault share their experiences:

When that started to happen, [I realized] representing these people as whole humans and not simply as the product of something that happened to them . . . was [something] so powerful for these survivors to see depicted on television.

Episode three of the season airs tonight, December 3rd, on NBC.

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