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Happy Festivus: Behind The Hilarious Holiday Twist From 'Seinfeld'

Happy Festivus: Behind The Hilarious Holiday Twist From 'Seinfeld'

Happy Festivus from all of us at Advocate Channel

It's December 23, and that means it's time to celebrate Festivus!

This classic Christmas episode of Seinfeld called "The Strike" aired on 12/18/1997. According to Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller), it's a holiday dinner that includes meatloaf served on a bed of lettuce, and an aluminum Festivus pole that includes "airing of grievances", where you let your dinner guests know the ways they have disappointed you this past year. It then includes "feats of strength" which involves "wrestling one of your guests", and "Festivus miracles" occur when something great happens to you. Ultimately, the holiday isn't over until the host is pinned to the floor.

Seinfeld: Festivus 

2020 has been a long year and we could all use a good laugh watching this Seinfeld episode. #HappyFestivus is trending on Twitter. Take a look at everyone's reactions on celebrating.

Celebration Over On Twitter

Happy Festivus, everyone!

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