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Christmas Episodes To Watch From Our Favorite Sitcoms

Christmas Episodes To Watch From Our Favorite Sitcoms

'How I Met Your Mother'

Check out which sitcom christmas episodes you should watch this holiday season!

From laughter to pure joy, sitcoms have won a way into fan's hearts all over the world. Now, it's time for us to break down some of their best holiday episodes.

'New Girl'

Season 2, episode 11 titled "Santa," was the first ever holiday episode featured on the hit show New Girl. The cast ends up running around between three different holiday parties and the episode even features a special visit from "Santa." It is guaranteed to make you smile from ear to ear.


In Season 3, episode 10, the Friends cast brought fans a Christmas episode! The episode revolves around Phoebe's disapproval of Joey selling Christmas trees and Rachel officially quitting her job as a waitress at Central Perk. As the show always does, this episode provides all the laughter needed to brighten up your holiday season.


As most Community episodes go, the Christmas special kept up the tradition of being unforgettable. In Season 2, Episode 11, Abed tries to find the true meaning of Christmas, as he turns the cast into a group of misfit toys in his mind. The episode is full of comedy as Abed tries to dig deep into where this "meaning" could be found.

'The Office'

The Office's holiday episode, in Season 2, Episode 10, was also one fans absolutely adored. This episode is all about a Dunder Mifflin holiday party that goes terribly wrong.

'How I Met Your Mother'



How I Met Your Mother's two-part hour-long Christmas special was one fans could never forget. Barney uses 'The Playbook' one last time for his proposal to Robin. It was everything viewers could have asked for and more, as well as a must-see during the holiday season.

'Schitt's Creek'

Season 4, Episode 13, is known as the first formal holiday episode of the hit show, Schitt's Creek. In this episode, Johnny aims at throwing a Christmas party similar to those that the family used to throw in the past. However, due to so many things going wrong, it becomes increasingly difficult for the Roses to get some holiday spirit. The ending is still full of holiday bliss and ends on a happy note.

'Parks and Recreation'

In this Christmas special episode, in Season 2, Episode 12, Leslie finds herself in a scandal with a disgraced councilman. As Ron covers for her for the day, he ends up discovering just how much work Leslie does.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Season 4, Episode 10, of the hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, brought fans quite the Christmas special. In this episode as Charles and Jake try to search for Nikolaj's favorite toy for Christmas, they actually end up getting themselves mixed up in a Latvian crime ring.

'30 Rock'

In the Season 4, Episode 8, holiday special of 30 Rock, Jack finds himself reconnected with an old crush while Liz is out on the hunt for the Christmas gift for him.

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'



Last, but most definitely not least, in Season 6, Episode 13, fans got a chance to watch their favorite comedy cast in a holiday special. In this episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mac and Charlie bring it upon themselves to try and remember the meaning of the holidays, while Dennis and Dee are busy trying to stop Frank from ruining their Christmas.

Be sure to check out these holiday episodes!

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