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Gus Kenworthy Talks Upcoming Winter Games, LGBTQIA+ Olympic Representation & Pet Adoption

The trailblazer is using his voice for a change.

Gus Kenworthy secured his spot in Olympic history by earning a silver medal back in 2014.

The athlete also won the hearts of millions for being part of the first same-sex kiss shown during the Olympics in 2018.

"Adam Rippon and I were the first two openly gay men to compete for Team USA in a Winter Olympics. It's just crazy to me to think that... that really wasn't very long ago," Kenworthy said.

Gus has helped many athletes embrace their true selves, with the 2020 Olympics featuring the most LGBTQIA+ competitors in history.

"To go to Tokyo and there's 100+ out LGBTQ athletes... it's just incredible."

With the next Winter Olympics just a few months away, Gus has already announced this will be his final run on slopes. This time, he'll be representing his birth country... the United Kingdom.

"My mom has been my number one fan for my whole career. I figured, for my final one, I would wave the Union Jack for her. I'm excited to have it be my last one and hopefully get to end on a high note."

While traveling the world with his sport, Gus has also embraced his philanthropic side by becoming an advocate for pet adoption.

"I think adopting is just so wonderful. Adoption rates definitely spiked during the pandemic, which is incredible. DogTrader.com is an incredible website that AutoTrader has built and it helps you find dogs that are available for adoption in your area. I would encourage anybody that's considering it, to do that, because you really get your best friend."

You can learn more at DogTrader.com.

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