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CBS Drops New Seasons Of Popular Sitcoms 'United States Of Al' & 'Ghosts'

Looking for a scare... or just a laugh? These are the shows to watch.

After the success of season one, United States of Al is back.

The sitcom follows an Afghanistan war veteran and his Afghan interpreter as they try to begin a new life in America.

However, the new season directly addresses the Afghan families and the fall of the Taliban.

Actress Elizabeth Alderfer, who plays Lizzie in the series, talked about the important storyline.

"Some real life stories about escaping Kabul during the most recent situation over there, from that to veterans and how they're feeling right now," Alderfer said.

Alderfer and her co-stars are also speaking out and supporting Afghan refugees by spreading awareness through their social media platforms.

On her Instagram account, the actress invited fans to join and donate to No One Left Behind, an organization that has been helping Afghan allies since 2013. The work they're doing is focused on advocating for reforms and policies, while navigating Afghans through these complex process at the same time.

"If you're in any position to do so, I hope you'll consider donating to the vital work No One Left Behind is doing or find a refugee resettlement agency near you," Alderfer said.

New episodes of United States of Al air every Thursday on CBS.

While a well-known series is returning, another one is just starting in time for Halloween.

The new comedy series Ghosts follows two reckless protagonists who transform a rundown country estate into a bed and breakfast. However, the two soon realize that the place is haunted by many opinionated spirits.

Román Zaragoza plays Sasappis, a man who died 500 years ago and who constantly tries to be the voice of reason.

"I would kind of equate it to 'What We Do in the Shadows' kind of feel, but also has almost a 'Ted Lasso' feel good. It's a show that's going to make you laugh," Zaragoza said.

Make sure to check out Ghosts every Thursday on CBS.

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