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AARP Magazine Awards George Clooney With Career Achievement Award

AARP Magazine Awards George Clooney With Career Achievement Award

George Clooney

Every year, AARP The Magazine awards an individual with their Movies for Grownups Career Achievement Award and this year's recipient is no other than award winning actor George Clooney.

AARP The Magazine is on a mission to fight ageism within the industry and encourage films that can resonate with older audiences. The work that George Clooney has done within for film is more than enough to be recognized with such an honor.

Movies for Grownups Career Achievement Award

The AARP Movies for Grownups program recognizes older audiences and advocates for more films that echo the experiences of individuals above 50. On top of this mission, AARP The Magazine fights against ageism in the industry and attempts to bring attention to the issue.

Clooney is receiving their highest honor following the likes of Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Shirley MacLaine, and more.

Clooney's Achievements

Clooney began on television before branching out into film. Clooney is a two time Oscar winner for his work in Argo (2013) and Syriana (2006), Golden Globe winner and honoree, amongst numerous other awards and nominations.

Outstanding Work in Multiple Ways

Clooney has been awarded such honors for good reason. On top of acting, Clooney is also a director and producer, most recently for Netflix's The Midnight Sky (2020) which he also starred in.

The CEO of AARP Jo Ann Jenkins speaks of the Career Achievement Award recipient, sharing:

"We are delighted to honor George Clooney, whose mastery – and wit – make him one of the most talented and beloved actors of our day, and a director who'd be famous even if we'd never seen him onscreen. The combination of his smarts, hard work and experience shows just how wrong stereotypes about aging are."

The virtual Movies for Grownups Awards broadcast on Sunday March 28 at 8 p.m. on PBS.

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