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Real Life Celebrities: Frontline Worker Ties The Knot

Real Life Celebrities: Frontline Worker Ties The Knot

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Frontline worker gets finally married.

Nikita Horton, a frontline worker, finally gets married for free after postponing the wedding due to the pandemic.

Nikita Horton and Andre Archer 

Nikita Horton knows all about life's unpredictabilities, working as an ICU social worker at a hospital in Atlanta. If there's anything that 2020 taught her, it is that life is short.

"Seeing deaths is a regular thing for me. People are here one day, people are gone the next."

And, while helping others, Horton had to face her own health problems as well. But if life can feel tremendously unsettling at times, there are surprising moments that bring us joy as well. Dozens of Atlanta area vendors voluntarily provided Horton's dream wedding for free. Her now husband, Andre Archer, has immense gratitude for them.

"You can't say 'thank you' enough, but we are really grateful and honored that you that you all gave this change and chose us."

Horton and Archer's story is proof that amidst darkness times there can always be a glimpse of light.

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