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Elton John Reflects Back on His Best & Worst Looks

"It was a faboulous disaster"

Elton John is definitely not known for his subtlety. The singer’s flamboyant, glamorous approach to fashion has been a joy to watch over his impressive, six-decade-long career. Whether he’s on stage, the red carpet, or simply headed to the grocery store, he never disappoints.

In a new video with Vogue, the singer sat down to revisit some of his best fashion ensembles over the years, and his life in looks proves that he’s always had a strong flair for dressing.

John starts the video with an outfit he wore back in 1968 for his first photo shoot. He embraced the over-the-top style early on and wore classic, groovy bell-bottoms and an animal-print hat. “I was so young there, and that’s probably all that I could afford,” says John.

A few years later, in 1972, he also sported an all-denim outfit covered in kitschy badges. “The badges were sewn on by members of the band’s wives,” he says. He even shared he was denied entry to Disneyland because of the outfit.

Don’t expect him to revive this particular look, though: “I absolutely loathe denim now,” John says. “I think every piece of denim in the world should be burned. I loathe it; I detest it. Cancel it.”

In the decades that followed, John would only take this over-the-top fashion sensibility to new heights. Some of his favorite looks from the time were the many Bob Mackie and Gianni Versace creations he wore.

John also spoke of the importance of wearing bold ensembles on-stage and why they’re more than just an aesthetic choice. It turns out they help him get into character.“When you put your costume on, you’re ready to perform,” he said. “I couldn’t ever come on stage and look normal.”

A prime example of this is back in 1977, when he wore a giant chicken outfit” on The Muppet Show, his all-time favorite look. “It was made by Bill Whitten, an incredible L.A. designer,” he says of the feather-full look. “This was so much fun to wear, and it was so heavy. I used to get feathers in my mouth while I was singing!” This look also recently re-appeared in a commercial with Lil Nas X, where he and John swapped outfits.

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