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Ellie Goulding Talks Her New Album 'Brightest Blue'

Ellie Goulding on her new album "Brightest Blue" and being open about her mental health

Get an inside look into Goulding's world and how her new album came to be!

English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding is preparing to release her new album Brightest Blue, her first album since 2015, and is opening up about breakups and self-discovery.

Goulding shot to fame with her 2009 single "Lights" and the world fell in love with her dreamy, breathy voice. She found great success in her other singles such as "Anything Can Happen" and "Love Me Like You Do" even collaborating with Calvin Harris for "I Need Your Love." Now after a five year haitus, Goulding reemerges with an 18 tracks about her struggles with mental heath and her come back.

Goulding spoke to Lyndsey Parker from Yahoo Entertainment about her time-off from frame and how that led itself to her newest album saying,

"It was real time of confrontation, which I actually think a lot of us are having now, where we're having to unravel a lot of things and learn a lot of things about ourselves... I think that time alone, time away, from just the music scene, I got to figure out a lot of things about myself. And that's kind of what essentially made the [new] album."

She goes on to discuss the biggest takeaways from this period of self realization and how they manifested on her new album by saying:

"I actually don't need someone...Growing up on bloody love songs thinking you can't live without someone....and then I wrote "New Heights" which is about reaching this other elevated place...where you can be alone...It's about loving yourself as an individual and whatever comes of that will."

Goulding has been speaking out about her struggles with anxiety for years. She spoke with Yahoo about dealing with panic attacks and intense nerves before live performances, saying:

"To be honest with you, I have sacrificed a lot of performances for my nerves. Like, someone will say, 'You have this big performance with this award show,' and I'm like, 'I can't do it, I can't do it.' And I'm one thing I regret is I wish I just hadn't. I wished that my anxiety hadn't got the best of me, because I would have done so many more epic performances!"

In her new album, Goulding dives into the two sides of herself comparable to her anxiousness before a performance and strength and power on stage. The album is split in two- one confessional and romantic and the other fierce and powerful. She goes on to describe this split by saying

"[On Side A], I'm talking a lot about myself, about my experiences, about my coming to understand myself as a woman and what changes have been, what I've learned. And then a couple of songs are about situations I've been in where it's just like a disillusionment of the opposite sex or whatever. And then Side B is more of like an ego thing, where it's like an alter ego where I get to play this character — where I can be this confident, badass girl that can perform at the Grammys."

Be sure to listen to Brightest Blue on July 17th!

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