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The Emmy Winner serves as both producer and star of the new streaming show

Veep and Arrested Development actor Tony Hale Hale is playing twin brothers in The Mysterious Benedict Society on Disney+.

The Mysterious Benedict Society is based on a book series of the same name written by Trenton Lee Stewart.

The books, and now show, follow a group of orphans as they go on an assignment given to them by the mysterious Mr. Benedict (Tony Hale).

"The story starts with something called 'the emergency' happening, a global crisis, and everyone is in a state of panic and fear. And then my character Mr. Benedict sends these four kids to find the source," Hale said.

The source ends up being none other than Mr. Benedict's twin brother; Mr. Curtain. Hale plays both parts.

And while the show is good family-friendly fun, Hale can see that it has a larger purpose that is more relevant than ever.

"It's very life-giving this show. We needed so many escapes this year. I would say healthy escapes; things that are life-giving and that the whole family can watch, and so it made it very purposeful for me," Hale said of the show's meaning.

The need for an escape aside, The Mysterious Benedict Society also taps into relevant themes of today, like global crises and the need for truth.

"People, I think, have been bewildered in a way. Don't know what to think. Don't know what to do. Don't know what to believe. And that's very much the same anxiety contagion that we see going on in the show", says actress Gia Sandhu who plays Ms. Perumal, a tutor at the orphanage.

But at its core, actor Ryan Hurst, who portrays secret agent Milligan on the show, says:

"What our story tries to say is regardless of what's happening with the masses, there's a personal truth that lives inside of you."

The young actors, who are the heart of the story, weighed in on the show's meaning.

"It conveys the theme of friendship, family, and also, the theme of being yourself," said Mystic Inscho, who portrays orphan Reynie Muldoon.
"You have these four perfect kids who you never think they'd be friends with each other because they're all so different from one another, but honestly, it's kind of cool to be different, and I want them to take away that being different is okay," Seth Carr, the actor portraying George 'Sticky' Washington told us.

And at the end of the day, it's about the kids and their own personal journeys throughout this adventure.

"They have the power to make a difference. You can either choose to be negative or you can choose to be positive." actress MaameYaa Boafo said of the show. Boafo plays Rhonda Kazembe, the adopted daughter of Mr. Benedict.

The first two episodes of The Mysterious Benedict Society are now streaming on Disney+.

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