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An Inside Look at 'The Courtship' With Suitor Charlie Mumbray

Charlie Mumbray Talks "The Courtship"

A new regency-era dating show has viewers falling in love in a whole new way. Celebritypage.com sat down with one star from "The Courtship," Charlie Mumbray, to learn all about the unique experience.

The dream-like dating show unfolds across the English countryside with Ms. Nicole Rémy, the show's lead, set out to find her perfect match. But of course, she's not in it alone... Her family, aka her "courtship" is advising her along the way.

Featuring extravagant balls, emotional love letters, and romantic horseback rides, this unique courtship experience leaves behind everyday distractions and reconnects the cast to their main goal-- falling in love.

Mumbray opened up about how his modern-day dating skills prepared him to take on the challenges of the show.

"I think the ruthlessness of the modern world... Mumbray shared. "I think that kind of helped because you are in a time constraint and obviously up against so many other great guys. You are just trying to make yourself stand out, and I think in the world we live in today, it is about making yourself stand out."

Out of all the dating shows out there, this one is definitely different from the rest... Think "The Bachelor" meets "Bridgerton." But that's exactly why Mumbray chose to join!

"It's not anything that has ever been done before," he says. "It's an incredible experience. The whole Regency era is amazing. I was a big fan of 'Bridgerton' as well, so the whole experience was incredible. It offered things that I had never seen before in terms of television."

Of course, the show brought a variety of ups and downs for Mumbray. Being on a reality TV show meant that he was forced to open up and lean into his more "vulnerable" side.

"The most challenging part of this process was opening up emotionally at a rate that I'm not quite used to," Mumbray said. "I am quite a reserved person, and I do take things slower than most. it just takes a while to let my guard down, and I think in this, you are forced to drop your guard down a lot faster than you usually would."

New episodes of "The Courtship" air Wednesdays on USA Network.

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