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The Halloween Collection on Disney+ Merges Classics with Recent Movies


Halloween is almost here and Disney+ really showed up for the occasion creating a Halloween Collection. Here's some of the movies you might find.

Muppets Haunted Mansion

Instead of attending the annual Muppet's Halloween party, Gonzo and Pepe decide to take on fear challenge event. This is the first Halloween special that involves the Muppets. Muppets Haunted Mansion is now available on Disney+

Hocus Pocus

Ah, the classics. If you're guided by nostalgia, you'll be pleased to know that Hocus Pocus is in the Halloween Collection as well. After moving to Salem, a teenager explores an abandoned house with his sister and their new friend, but evil witches are always waiting to be freed.

The Haunted Mansion

Another classic is The Haunted Mansion, where Eddie Murphy plays a workaholic real estate agent who is accused by his wife of neglecting his son and daughter. A family vacation seems to be the ideal plan to resolve these issues... But things don't go exactly as planned.


Almost ten years ago, Frankenweenie made its first appearance in our Halloween marathons. In this animated movie, young Victor Frankenstein has one true good friend: Sparky. But as Sparky dies, Victor's science teacher suggests a way to bring his friend back to life... Whether you're watching it for the first time or not, Frankenweenie won't disappoint you.

Halloweentown I/II/III/IV

Those who grew up with Disney Channel probably remember Halloweentown. Marnie and her siblings are completely shocked when they find out their grandmother is a witch... And they are as well! The four movies will definitely warm your heart this halloween, especially if you grew up with the saga.

Twitches I/II

Another Disney Channel's classic is Twitches. As two sisters suddenly reunite after 21 years, they now must use their newfound magical powers to save their kingdom from an evil force called Darkness. If you decide to watch the movie, a warning: you'll want to have a twin with magical powers as well.


More recently, Cruella made its debut on the big screen and it's definitely one of the best movies to watch at Halloween. If you want to discover how Cruella De Vil (Emma Stone) became who she is, then you'll love Cruella the movie.

Maleficent I/II

Finally, the origins of another villain can be explored in MaleficentI and II. Angelina Jolie's portrayal of Maleficent is a must watch.

If you want to watch one of these movies listed or discover more movie titles, check out Halloween's Collection on Disney+

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