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You're Invited To A Disney Royal Wedding

Cheyenne Jackson and Booboo Stewart talk all things Descendants: The Royal Wedding.

The Descendantsare back with a new TV special and a highly-anticipated wedding.

Disney'sDescendantsfranchise first aired on the Disney Channel in 2015 and introduced audiences to the children of some of their favorite villains.

After three massively successful live-action TV movies, the characters are back for the wedding of Ben and Mal, but this time, the story is animated.

Advocate Channel got the chance to talk to two of the TV special's stars, Cheyenne Jackson and Booboo Stewart, and got the inside scoop on Descendants: The Royal Wedding.

"I wondered how it would be to recreate something that we did in live-action for a cartoon because everything in cartoon is heightened. It was really fun. It was a really great experience," Jackson said.

In the films, Jackson plays Hades, Mal's dramatic and conniving father, and in the special, Hades is no different.

"Deep down, he wants Mal to be happy, so he knows that it's going to go through, but he's kind of a drama queen, so he wants to like make them work for it and also while being the center of attention," Jackson said of his character.

The original cast that includes Disney stars Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, China Anne McClain, and Mitchell Hope all reprise their roles and voice their characters in the special.

Booboo Stewart plays Jay, one of the descendants and son of Jafar, and told us about his story arc in Descendants: The Royal Wedding.

"He's just trying to make it all happen. He's just trying to be a good friend, and he's trying to make it all happen for Ben and Mal. Trying to make it happen without anything going wrong, and of course, that's not the case," Stewart said.

As far as the franchise ending, Stewart tells us it's up in the air and said:

"Never say never. You never know what they want to do with the franchise. I feel like it's a great place to end, and I think it's a beautiful little bowtie to the story, and yeah, I feel very happy with the way this is now."

Descendants: The Royal Wedding premieres Friday August 13 on the Disney Channel.

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