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Daniel Radcliffe Discusses 'Harry Potter', 'Miracle Workers' and Possible Directorial Debut on SiriusXM

Daniel Radcliffe has clearly been keeping busy lately.

In August 2021, he sat down with Jessica Shaw to discuss his latest career happenings on the SiriusXM show Pop Culture Spotlight.

In the segment, he touched on his experience working on the third season of the TBS comedy Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail. More specifically, he praised his co-star Steve Buscemi for his humbleness and generosity.

"We wanted to work together more. And he is what everyone says he is and everyone expects him to be." He said. "He's just this incredibly talented actor and this really nice guy."

With more exciting news, Radcliffe also expressed his desire to direct a small film based on a screenplay he's written about the entertainment industry within the next few years, and hinted that he already had casting in mind.

"I've always felt like I'd like to direct something I've written first." He said. "Hopefully one day you'll see it and it'll not just be theoretical."

On another note, not forgetting about his proverbial Harry Potter days, Shaw also referenced a past interview where Radcliffe jokingly said that he would hypothetically like to play another character, such as Sirius Black, if he were to someday return to the Harry Potter series. Shaw then asked him if any producers jumped on this idea, however, Radcliffe revealed that nothing has happened from the Harry Potter universe as far as this prospect is concerned.

"Like I've never been contacted by anybody about any future Harry Potter films. So, you know, it's, I don't think it's something that is, uh, is, is coming. But like, of course, now that I have said that, uh, they will certainly, I brought it upon myself now." He told Shaw.

The full interview with Radcliffe airs on SiriusXM's Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw Tuesday, August 24th at 10am EST on channel 109.

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