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Conan O'Brien To End Late Night Run With TBS In 2021

'Conan' Comes to An End After 10 Years

After 11 seasons, #CONAN on #TBS will come to an end in 2021.

TV host Conan O'Brien's late show, Conan, will see it's end in 2021. Today we're looking back on his career with TBS.

O'Brien Bids Farewell To TBS

After 28 years hosting late night talk shows, Conan O'Brien is ready to switch things up. Back in September of 1993, O'Brien got comfortable in the realm of late night TV upon hosting Late Night with Conan O'Brien which would air on CBS until February 2009. That June, O'Brien moved to NBC to host The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien only until January 2010. Fast-forward to November 2010, when he started Conan on TBS.

After a decade and 1,440 episodes, Conan has aired each Monday through Thursday at 11 pm. The show is currently airing and while a contract has been signed to keep the show on the air until 2022, Conan will be leaving the network in 2021. In the meantime, O'Brien will still be making his travel specials, called Conan Without Borders, for WarnerMedia.

Ten Years With TBS

After a decade long run with TBS, Conan O'Brien kept us on our toes while wrapping up each week-night. Here are some memorable moments from ​Conan​:

Disturbed takes the stage to perform 'The Sound of Silence':

In March of 2016, Disturbed wowed fans with a dramatic performance of their cover of The Sound of Silence. This performance became the first video of Conan to surpass 100 million views on YouTube.

Conan teaches a staff member how to drive with the help of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart:

The segment begins with Conan sitting in the passenger seat along with one of his staff members while he acts as her driving instructor. Things get hectic when Conan asks her if she doesn't mind two more passengers joining them. Seconds later, we see Ice Cube and Kevin Hart slide into the backseat.

Jean-Claude Van Damme recreates an old scene:

In a 2015 episode, Conan chats with actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and the 1989 movie, Kickboxer comes in to conversation. Van Damme plays the role of Kurt Sloane in the film and in this episode, he is asked to prove if he still has the moves.

Bill Skarsgård shows his Pennywise smile:

After the release of the modern IT movie in 2017, fans wanted to know more about actor Bill Skarsgård who plays the terrifying clown, Pennywise. In this episode, he talks to Conan about how he does his creepy smile.

Conan accuses producer Jordan Schlansky routine tardiness:

In a 2013 episode, Conan accuses the show's producer, Jordan Schlansky, for repeatedly showing up late to work each Friday. When Schlansky arrives in his office to see Conan sitting at his desk, the banter that unfolds between the two is priceless.

A New Start At HBO Max

While fans will miss watching Conan on TBS, we can look forward to a weekly variety show hosted by O'Brien on HBO's streaming service, HBO Max. Look out for his new show sometime next year.

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Claudia Rufa

Claudia is 20 years old, lives in Yorktown Heights, NY, & attends Marist College.

Claudia is 20 years old, lives in Yorktown Heights, NY, & attends Marist College.