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Just In Time For Halloween, Chucky Makes A Horrifying Return

The iconic doll, Chucky, is bringing the horror like never before.

Chucky truly never seems to die. After many terrifying films, the iconic villain is now invading the small screen.

The new rendition ofChucky takes place in a small town that falls into chaos when the doll appears at a local yard sale.

Once several murders begin to occur, the town's secrets come to light.

Don Mancini, who created the Child's Play franchise, shared his excitement to expand into the TV realm.

"I was also thrilled at the prospect of having eight hours of story to fill, because that gave us an opportunity to delve into new characters and relationships to a degree we'd never been able to before," Mancini said.

Brad Dourif has been Chucky's voice since the very first film and opened up on the key differences seen in the series.

"The one thing that the series can do that film can't is to really explore a character in great depth."

But there's no Chucky without his equally terrifying bride, Tiffany Valentine-Ray. The original voice actress, Jennifer Tilly, shared her enthusiasm for still being part of Chucky's legacy.

"You're gonna see a lot of things that perhaps you didn't see in the other series, but it definitely is a continuation on Tiffany's journey."

The series may be a new adventure for its longtime creators, but it's a fresh start for the new actors joining the franchise.

Zachary Arthur plays the show's lead, Jake Wheeler, a teen boy who acquires Chucky as a toy.

"When I was in elementary school the kids who watched the Chucky movies were the cool kids, so it's just so surreal being on the series now."

Chucky premieres October 12th on both USA and SYFY.

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