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Chet Hanks Opens Up About Being Tom Hanks' Son

Chet Hanks Opens Up About Being Tom Hanks' Son
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Chet Hanks' new YouTube video reveals his truth on what it is like being the son of famous actor Tom Hanks.

31-year-old Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, takes his truths to YouTube in his latest video titled "The Truth About Growing Up As A Hanks."

Chet Hanks is the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and he gets real in a recent YouTube video about what it was like growing up as the son of two famous actors.

Hanks said that he is blessed to have parents that he loves very much, but also shared that being raised in the world of Hollywood was like a "double-edged sword."

He said:

"My dad is beloved. He's on this pedestal for me, but it created a lot of contempt because people automatically assume in general that I would just be a really arrogant entitled spoiled brat, even though I really wasn't. I'm very privileged but I wasn't spoiled."

Hanks also talked about his overall viewpoint on the concept of fame:

"You gotta keep in mind that fame is the most powerful drug known to man. It can also be the most destructive. People are infatuated with fame. They put famous people on a pedestal. Everybody wants to be famous. It creates a lot of jealousy, a lot of envy. Everyone is doing whatever they can to become famous. We think that it's going to validate us, and I've been guilty of that too."

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