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The musical comedy, Central Park is back on Apple TV+ for season two, and Rachel Smith had the chance to sit down with show co-creator and star Josh Gad for a sneak peek.

Central Park is an animated series on Apple TV about a family living in Central Park in New York City. When a hotel heiress decides they want to turn the park into condos, the family has to figure out a way to fight this plan off. Kristen Bell, Daveed Diggs, and Leslie Odom Jr. are among some of the stars who voice the characters on the show.

Gad explains that the new season will be even better than the first one. There are some big names who wrote songs for the next season such as Shaggy, Wyclef, Big Boy, Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. The actor and co-creator remarked on the musical guests by saying,

"It's crazy and the songs are so spectacular in season two, like next level good."

Gad says their intention is that the audience basically gets to experience a full musical from every episode. They have managed to keep this standard up throughout the whole show, Gad comments,

"We set the bar so high but we somehow keep managing to reach that bar, and I don't know how long we can continue it, but so far so good."

Another project is also in the works for Gad where he will have the chance to work with his friend Luke Evans again. The two of them will star alongside each other in a Beauty and the Beast prequel on Disney+.

"It's something we have been dreaming of since we were on set together, really, finding new ways to explore these delightful characters and I think we're doing it in a way that is so unexpected, so surprising, so wonderful, and so ambitious."

Catch Central Park now on Apple TV+.

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