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Calling All True Crime Junkies, Here's All The New Shows You Need To Watch

Here's All The New True Crime Shows You Need To Watch.

For all those obsessed with True Crime TV here is a list of all the new shows you need to watch.

'Judgement with Ashleigh Banfield'

Ashleigh Banfield, the former MSNBC and CNN anchor, is hosting a new crime show where she will be opening the archives and reexamining high profile cases.

"This isn't about you know, pulling at emotional heart strings and you know, having people cry on camera, that's not what this is about. This show is about bringing people into a real process, it's the evidence and the testimony and the fasts as they played out in real time so that the viewer can actually make an honest and true judgement."

Some of the cases you will see on the show include Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson.

"I've always said it is really important exercise in legal jurisprudence to take some time, calm down and then go back and look at it when we all can have a conversation and not a yelling match."

Judgement with Ashleigh Banfield airs Sundays on Court TV.

'48 Hours Suspicion'

CBS is expanding its 48 Hours true crime franchise and bringing its viewers 48 Hours Suspicion. This brand new show is diving into the Tiger King mystery and giving us more details on what happened to Carol Baskin's second husband. Tune into 48 Hours Suspicion on Wednesday nights on CBS.

'Manhunt: Deadly Games'

CBS is also bringing its viewers a new drama series, Manhunt: Deadly Games, that is retelling the case of Richard Jewell, the "hero" and prime suspect who found a bomb at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Watch Jewell's case unfold on Mondays on CBS.

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