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The Official Trailer for Brad Pitt's Newest Movie 'Bullet Train' is Here!

BULLET TRAIN - Official Trailer (HD)

The trailer for Brad Pitt's latest action film Bullet Train has just dropped, and it looks awesome!

In the film, Brad Pitt stars as an assassin named Ladybug who is looking for a fresh start. However, Ladybug's handler Maria Beetle, played by Sandra Bullock, quickly reminds him of his occupation and tasks with him retrieving a briefcase on a Japanese bullet train.

The mission will not be an easy one though, as Ladybug soon learns that there are four other assassins on board with conflicting missions. One of Ladybug's enemies is played by Puerto Rican rapper and singer Bad Bunny.

The trailer shows the two wrapped up in an intense fight as Bad Bunny's character stabs Ladybug who then returns the favor with a few good shots of his briefcase.

Bad Bunny's character isn't the only one on board looking for the briefcase however. Zazie Beetz’s Hornet also attempts to stab Ladybug at one point saying,

"This is going to sting, b*tch!”

The trailer concludes with Aaron Taylor-Johnson's character, Tangerine, and Ladybug fighting before being interrupted by one of the train workers. After refusing Ladybug's request to talk things out, Ladybug throws a bottle of sparkling water at Tangerine's face and the fight eventually moves outside the train where Ladybug holds onto the moving train for his life with Tangerine holding onto his leg.

The film, directed by Deadpool 2's David Leitch, also stars Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King, Logan Lerman, Andrew Koji, Masi Oka, Michael Shannon, and more.

Bullet Train premieres in theaters on July 15.

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