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Britney Spears Remains In Father's Conservatorship After New Court Ruling

Britney Spears Remains In Father's Conservatorship After New Court Ruling

More days in court await...

It's been about twelve years since Britney Spears' father received conservatorship amidst Britney's public meltdowns and wavering mental health in 2008. Yesterday, a Los Angeles judge denied the removal of the conservatorship.

A conservatorship is a legal guardianship that can be placed on a person who is unable to accurately make decisions for themselves. Back in 2008, Britney Spears underwent major mental health treatments and even agrees she was not in a good space to make decisions at the time.

Normally, the conservatorship takes place over a few years...but 12, is certainly unexpected for the pop star. At age 38, the singer still has no control over any big aspect of her life. Every financial, personal, and career altering decision must be made by James Spears.

Britney's fans noticed earlier this year that she was no longer seeming like herself. Her instagram posts in particular looked as if they were drafted and forced to be posted by someone else. Britney could be seen in multiple videos reciting odd scripts in less than flattering clothing. Fans speculated her medications were causing this state of vulnerability as she remained trapped under her father's will. They began the #freebritney campaign which ended up trending on twitter earlier this year.

This is one of many videos showing the singer's current state

Very little direct communication is available from the singer as she does not control her social media. But, she told her attorney that she fears her father and what he could do to her. She has pledged to not perform again until he is removed from his legal position of control.

The last time Britney performed was early 2019.

During yesterday's hearing, Britney's attorney requested that James Spears be retired from his legal position as Britney is now "high functioning" and no longer sees benefit in the program. The singer acknowledged the need for it in 2008 but says she is far from that place.

James Spears' legal team did not back down. They pointed out his ability to take Britney from being in debt to having a net worth of over $60 million dollars. That money is one of many things she has no control over.

The judge ruled that James would not be removed, but that she would accept and consider future petitions to have him removed.

However, at Britney's request, the court did grant her a co-conservatorship with the Bessemer Trust for her estate.

Once again, fans took to twitter with the hashtag #freebritney with some even marching outside of the court building.

Britney and her attorney plan to further petition for her father's removal.

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