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Britney Spears Could Seek More Legal Action Against Her Father

There are two big stories happening in Hollywood right now, so we're checking in with US Weekly Correspondent Christina Garibaldi for the inside scoop.

Justice for Britney

The Britney Spears conservatorship case recently reached a zenith when her father and conservator, Jamie Spears, was suspended from his role as the pop stars overseer. This doesn't mean Britney is out of the woods, though. Garibaldi tells us that she could be taking the case even further.

A source tells US Weekly that Britney is "pushing full steam ahead" to have her father investigated by the FBI. The source can also confirm that the FBI has opened a probe of the situation, but no official criminal investigation has been announced.

Ryan Seacrest's Status

It's no secret that Ryan Seacrest is one of the most hardworking individuals in show business. However, it appears his work ethic has caught up to him.

The radio and TV host has been a mainstay across popular programming over much of the last two decades, and according to Garibaldi, his team is urging him to slow down and take time to rest.

Seacrest noticeably missed time on his daytime talk show Kelly & Ryan as guests hosts filled in his place. A source tells US Weekly, that his team even staged an intervention to address their concerns. However, another source tells the outlet that he is doing well and is gearing up for American Idol auditions.

For more headlines like these, pick up the latest issue of US Weekly.

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