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Jamie Spears to Step Down as Britney Spears' Conservator​

Here's the latest on the Britney Spears conservatorship case.

Britney Spears is one step closer to being free.

According to CBS News, Jamie Spears, the pop star's father, has agreed to relinquish his 13-year role as conservator to the singer.

A court filing made yesterday said:

"Mr. Spears is willing to step down when the time is right, but the transition needs to be orderly and include a resolution of matters pending before the Court."
This news comes after much controversy has been made about Spears' restrictive conservatorship, which spawned the #FreeBritney movement, the Framing Britney Spears documentary, and the singer's court testimony about her poor treatment back in June.

While this is a big step in the right direction, Jamie still denies claims he mistreated his daughter.

"Nevertheless, even as Mr. Spears is the unremitting target of unjustified attacks, he does not believe that a public battle with his daughter over his continuing service as her conservator would be in her best interests," the court filing said.

It is still unclear when exactly Jamie will officially be removed as her conservator.

While Britney herself has not directly commented on the exciting news, she did take to Instagram yesterday to post this photo, and subsequently, her comments were flooded with support.

Among the outpouring of social media support, were many celebs who celebrated the progress in her conservatorship case.

Here are a few of those celebrity reactions.

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