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Bobbi Brown on Health, Beauty and Success

Bobbi Brown Shares Advice For Young Entrepreneurs & How She Launched Jones Road Beauty | CPTV

In putting together this segment on our #seeher2020 Spotlight Celebrity Bobbi Brown, I basically knew of her as the entrepreneurial creator of several hugely successful cosmetic lines. Doing the deep dive, I was pretty knocked out to find out just how savvy and accomplished she is as a businesswoman and philanthropist as opposed to just being a brand.

She is the author of nine books and numerous articles published in top-line publications, co-owner of a historic boutique hotel, co-founder of 18 Label, a television and film production studio, all this while raising a family, making television and podcast appearances and managing a website. And that's just scratching the surface.

As the winner of an extensive list of awards over the course of her career and her high profile achievements, including working for an advisory committee during the Obama Administration, Bobbi has put in the hours and done the work it takes to realize a level of success of this scope. And it wasn't always easy...

"It was definitely a challenge trying to balance motherhood with a career." "There wasn't a roadmap, there wasn't a lot of young female entrepreneurs that have done that."

Starting out as a makeup artist, Bobbi has championed women's beauty as individual and her focus was on making a woman feel comfortable in her own skin. One of her convictions was that health and beauty were connected...

"Being healthy and beautiful are the same. You can't be one without the other."

As an innovator and a pioneer, Bobbi's work as an advocate for young women is as extensive as her professional résumé. She is the founder of the non-profit Pretty powerful Campaign for Women & Girls and has partnered with organizations such as She's the First and others. Bobbi has advice for young women starting out in business...

"Just realize you just have to try what works, and if it doesn't work do something else. There is no such thing as failure, it's just a message to do something else."

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