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Bille Eilish Style Evolution: A Look At Back At Her Iconic Transformation

Bille Eilish Style Evolution: A Look At Back At Her Iconic Transformation

Billie Eilish has undoubtly lived up to her title "Billie Bossanova" both in the music and fashion scene.

The singer-songwriter has notoriously been known to be a transformative artist through both fashion and music since her emergence into the spotlight at the age of fifteen. In an interview back in May with British Vogue, the music mogul graced the cover prior to the release of her sophomore album Happier Than Ever which currently sits at No.1 on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The 19-year-old sent the internet in a frenzy after posting her front cover issue ditching her notable sports-luxe look of oversized jackets, baggy pants, chunky sneakers and chain accessories for a more out of her usual dark color-schemed form-fitting look of a corset, latex skirt and matching gloves. Eilish has credited fashion as her "security blanket." "It's my way of expression without having to use words," Eilish said in her interview.

Here is a recap of Eilish's most unpredictable style moments each year since her rise to fame.

2017 - Chanel Show

Before baggy clothing was Eilish's signature look, the singer rocked platinum grey hair and opted for full-out Channel look. She sported a cropped puffer jacket with folded black overalls, white sneakers, with accents of the brand's gold logo bangled jewelry.

2018 - Toronto Show

Eilish rocks blue hair and begins dressing in her go-to color neon green, sporting the color with a long t-shirt, her merchandise hat labeled "Where's My Mind", and chunky heeled sneakers. She layers the look with black ski-like pants, a Balenciaga sweater and throws a black puffer coat over it. She accessorizes with thick silver chains.

2019 - Immersive Pop Up Album Experience

As Eilish makes a world-known name for herself, she begins to wear high-end designer brands from head to toe. The singer where a decked-out Louis Vuitton paint splattered rainbow oversized monogram sweatsuit set, accessorized with a matching bucket hat and face mask (pre-covid). Of course, the look was finished off with her signature choice of sneakers.

2020 - Grammy Awards

The night of the 2020 Grammy Awards, Eilish accessorized her outfit with 6 golden Grammy awards. The then 18-year-old wore a Gucci-themed outfit head to toe. Eilish rocked a green and black embellished suit, with matching gloves and a face mask, dangling logo earrings, and bedazzled shoes. Even her long green nails were covered in Gucci's logo. Her hair naturally matching the color scheme.

2021- British Vogue

For the first time, the world sees Eilish ditch baggy clothes, which she dubbed as a "classic, old, time pin-up."She opts for a golden blonde loose pinned hairstyle, and wears a custom trench coat and corset by Burberry with stockings and heels with only finger rings. Her outfits for the shoot very much suit her old-time classic sound for the Happier Than Ever album.

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