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Bailey Spinn on 'Romance Is Dead,' Coming Out & More

Bailey Spinn on 'Romance Is Dead,' Coming Out & More
Lindsey Ruth

The TikTok star tells Advocate Now about her debut single, and what led her to this moment.

Bailey Spinn is paving her way as a singer and performer.

Bailey Spinn On 'Romance Is Dead,' Coming Out As Pansexual & More

Though she began her career on TikTok, Spinn has recently branched out into music, releasing her debut single "Romance Is Dead." As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it was important to her that her audience felt seen and could relate to the song, which motivated her to not to include any gendered pronouns.

"A lot of songs I listen to, I want to relate to them, but there's something about it I can't always relate because I'm always interested in different people," she tells Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now. "And when you put the gender pronouns in there, it kind of blocks off part of the audience from being able to relate to the song. ... So leaving them out was an important part to me."

In following that path, Spinn realized that higher education wasn't for her. At the urging of her manager, Spinn dropped out of college in her freshman year to pursue TikTok, which she says was a "really difficult" decision to make.

Because Spinn says everyone in her family finished college except for her, "it was really scary" to tell her parents she was dropping out. Now that she's made a career for herself, Spinn says they're "super proud." Making music meant "stepping out of my comfort zone," Spinn says, especially when she "had no confidence" in her abilities or even desires.

"People kind of pushed me in the closet and pushed all of my aspirations to the side because I was just too scared to show anyone what my true passions were," she says.

Looking ahead, Spinn is excited to "fully, fully emerge herself" in new music.

"I have some pieces coming out around my music as well, so that's very exciting because I've never made any merchandise before."

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