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The 'Sex And The City' star tells Drew Barrymore on 'The Drew Barrymore Show' all about the new SATC reboot.

On 'The Drew Barrymore Show,' Cynthia Nixon chats about her role on the 'Sex And The City' Reboot, 'And Just Like That'.

Nixon revives her role as Miranda Hobbes in the reboot, but it's clear she has a whole new set of problems to face. She is back at school, learning and navigating her way through a different (and younger) world than she once knew. She's also facing marital issues with her husband Steve (played by David Eigenberg) and is questioning her sexuality.

After meeting Che Diaz, played by 'Grey's Anatomy' actor Sara Ramirez, MIranda seems to take on a new energy. She instantly falls for the non-binary comedian and gets caught up in a steamy affair.

Barrymore asked Nixon if she hand-picked them, to which she replied that she "suggested them."

Nixon said,

"I suggested them because I've been aware of them for so long and such a fan."

The actress referred back to Ramirez's Tony-winning performance in Spamalot (2005), sharing that she was "always watching their career."

Catch the series on HBOMax, with new episodes premiering every Thursday.

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