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Heidi Klum Pushes AGT Golden Buzzer For Magical Quick-Change Artist

Heidi Klum was the last of the judges to press the Golden Buzzer this season on Tuesday night's episode ofAmerica's Got Talent sending French magical quick-change performer Léa Kyle straight to the live shows!

The German supermodel was completely blown away by the 25-year-old performer and let her know how mesmerizing she truly was.

"I loved it too. I mean you were doing real magic. It was absolutely incredible...flawless. I mean you know how much I love fashion. I feel like we've never really had anyone that is as good as you. So, I feel like you should go straight to the live shows."

Klum recalled her initial reaction watching Kyle on stage to People. "This act just blew me away! We see a lot of acts during the auditions but this one just really stood out from the rest," the supermodel shared. "It was much different than other acts we have seen. There is a lot of magic, imagination and sparkles involved!"

Kyle even won over the harshest critic of the judges, Simon Cowell, leaving him floored as well after changing a total of seven times with her outfits seemingly flying in mid-air and changing in an instant. "This was, like, very, very cool. You have amazing showmanship. It was world-class." Cowell said.

Howie Mandel who has been a judge on the show for over 12 seasons revealed she was the best quick-change artist he'd ever seen.

"The best I've ever seen," Mandel said. "I've got to tell you, we've seen quick-change artists on this show, I've never seen one better than you. ... No it is true. To see the outfit fly in thin air from the hanger to you, it's magical. Your presentation is beautiful."

Kyle impressed judge Sofia Vergara who reacted in disbelief every time a quick-change was done in an instant. "I am so, in like, shock. You were having a great time while you were doing it. It was beautiful."

Although it was obvious that all judges were completely blown away, Cowell looked shocked that Klum used her season 16 buzzer as confetti flew into the air. The buzzer guarantees performers a spot at the live shows as well as $25,000.

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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