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The Advocate Channel, a First Among LGBTQ+ Digital Streaming Apps, Officially Launches

The Advocate Channel

The Advocate Channel, a First Among LGBTQ+ Digital Streaming Apps, Officially Launches

EqualPride’s 24/7 digital streaming network, the Advocate Channel, officially launched Monday, June 19.

EqualPride’s 24/7 digital streaming network, the Advocate Channel, officially launched Monday, June 19, 2023. The Advocate Channel is available to download on Roku, Apple TV, and your Android or Apple device.

After 56 years, the trailblazing LGBTQ+ magazine The Advocate has launched a 24/7 digital network with a slate of shows that advocate for all by covering issues that directly impact the community. Future programming plans include distribution of current and classic queer feature films and television specials, as well as more original content.

With daily original programming in ten-minute blocks, The Advocate Channel’s on-air reporters discuss current events and mainstream issues affecting the LGTBQ+ community; the latest in entertainment and celebrity news; health, wellness, and women’s stories; and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

Guests featured on The Advocate Channel thus far include Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, Chasten Buttigueg, Dr. Will Cole, Jennifer Lopez, and 2023 Sports Illustrated model Lauren Chen. iHeartMedia and Procter & Gamble's 2023 co-production of Can’t Cancel Pride, a digital Pride festival that launched as a response to the pandemic in 2020, was hosted last week on The Advocate Channel, which also plans to stream more digital events and in-person festivals down the road.

The Advocate Channel's current programming lineup includes: Advocate Today, Equal Entertainment, AC 24/7, The Countdown, Advocate Now, Cover to Cover, Our World, Pride Today, and Up & Out with LaPorsche, the network’s flagship morning show set to premiere summer 2023. Most programs are 10 minutes long, allowing viewers with only a few minutes the opportunity to get the latest in news, entertainment, and more.

A description of each program and its host is provided below.

Advocate Today, hosted by DMV-area broadcast journalist Aaron Deane, covers the most topical things happening that we can spotlight and advocate for. Aaron talks with leading experts, political figures, and more to get insight into the issues at hand, offering a unique lens on the current national and international news affecting diverse communities worldwide. Broadcast daily, the program provides an essential platform for critical issues, illuminating stories, and vibrant discussions that promote understanding and foster equality.

Equal Entertainment is where the world of entertainment converges with advocacy. Hosted by former Editor-in-Chief of The Advocate and GLAAD award-winning journalist Tracy E. Gilchrist, the show delves deep into critical conversations with a focus on equality, representation, and progress. Airing five days a week, each episode presents enlightening, profound, and sometimes surprising insights, with guests sharing their journeys, their visions for the future, and their roles in creating an equal and inclusive world.

Advocate Now is a lifestyle and celebrity focused sit-down interview show that features discussions of health, wellness, and empowering women & other minority groups, hosted by Emmy Award-winner Sonia Baghdady. Advocate Now spotlights and celebrates the trials, triumphs, and tribulations from communities across the country and beyond.

Pride Todayis your quintessential guide to the vibrant and diverse world of LGBTQ+ entertainment and pop culture. Hosted by the charismatic TikTok favorite Ricky Cornish, this groundbreaking show offers a spotlight on the queer narratives shaping the entertainment landscape. From red carpets to parties to living rooms and beyond, Ricky celebrates the series, film releases, vibrant music and art scenes that make all in the LGBTQ+ community proud to be queer.

Cover to Coverinvites you into the heart of journalism, taking you behind-the-scenes of Out, The Advocate, Plus, and Pride.com. Every week, host Stephen Walker deciphers the multifaceted media landscape through engaging discussions with the talented reporters who bring you the news every day. With an exclusive backstage pass, listeners gain insight into the inspiration, perspiration, and collaboration that fuel the creation of stories at the intersection of politics, culture, and the ongoing movement to bring equality to the masses.

Our Worldis your premier source for in-depth coverage and exploration of compelling stories. Our mission is to break down the borders of understanding by connecting you to the people, events, and ideas that shape our interconnected world. Host Stephen Walker brings you face-to-face with the people at the heart of the world's most transformative news stories. From climate change and political unrest, to groundbreaking scientific discoveries and the latest economic trends, Our World delves beyond the headlines, offering insightful, on-the-ground perspectives from the people living the news.

Grab your morning coffee and join award-winning host LaPorsche Thomas as she brightens your morning with an insightful mix of culture, creativity, and charisma on Up & Out with LaPorsche. Each weekday, LaPorsche brings you the latest stories that are shaping the world, introducing viewers to influential figures from the spheres of art, entertainment, business, politics, and beyond. More than just a morning show, Up & Out is a vibrant, energetic start to your day. LaPorsche celebrates the people who are breaking boundaries and pushing the status quo.

AC 24/7 and The Countdown both stream 24/7 to deliver credible and impactful coverage on a broad spectrum of national issues that affect LGBTQ+, Black, Hispanic, and other underserved communities. For the latest in news affecting our community, check out AC 24/7 and The Countdown.

Download the Advocate Channel streaming app on your desktop, Apple or Android smartphone, Roku, or Apple TV.

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