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A Closer Look At AMC's New Series 'Soulmates'

We get the inside scoop on what to expect in the newly anticipated show.

If there was a test that told you who your soulmate was, would you take it? That's what AMC's new series Soulmates dives into.

The anthology series consists of six episodes that explores different relationships and how a newly scientific soulmate test affects them.

We asked the stars of Soulmates to see if the series was real life, would they take the test? Malin Akerman says she doesn't think so:

"For myself, right now where I'm at in life - I don't think I'd want to mess around with it, because what if I take it and then my husband's not my soulmate? That would be awkward."

Other stars include Betsy Brandt, David Costabile, Bill Skarsgârd and Charlie Heaton.

Be sure to check out Soulmates every Monday on AMC.

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