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Your Tastebreakers For This Week

My college had a COVID outbreak, and they're keeping us all in lockdown. I had three sold out nights at a theater for my stand up act, Easter, and my 21st birthday, all of which I am now missing. This sucks, but you know what doesn't suck? Tastebreakers!

Super Mario 3D World

I played this during lockdown, and I have to say, it was incredibly fun. Despite a great deal of enjoyment, my main criticism of Nintendo games over the past few years has been how easy they've become. This completely changed that.

This is a hard game. Not impossible, but definitely the perfect amount of challenging. There's a lot of new things introduced to the Marioverse here that throw you for a loop at times.

The game's counterpart, Bowser's Fury, is fun, albeit brief. It almost feels like a DLC of Odyssey, but with Bowser Jr instead of Cappy. Regardless, it's extremely fun too.

Nintendo hit the nail right on the head, once again.

SuperGood by Duckwrth

Duckwrth has been on a steady rise for the last few years, and while he's yet to truly explode, it's coming. He's got that type of music that begs your body to move. You want to dance, you want to bounce.

This is the type of album you can play while you clean your room or do your laundry, end up dancing and singing the whole time and not even realize you listened to the whole thing.

Born of Hope

So, is this Lord of the Rings? Absolutely not. It's not a multimillion dollar project, so take it as it is. But it's truly excellent. It tells the story of Aragorn's father, Arathorn, and his grandfather, Arador, as they try and put a stop to the growing threat of orcs in the north of Middle Earth.

This was a fan made film, available for free on YouTube. Directed by Kate Madison, who did an incredible job, this 2009 film tells a lost part of Middle Earth's history, giving Tolkien-appropriate context to something the author never shed light on.

Nathan For You

There still aren't enough people who know how brilliant this show is. While Nathan Fielder does most of his work behind the camera these days, his dry awkardness on Nathan For You is something to behold.

Fielder essentially creates business proposals that are beyond ridiculous but have some sort of intelligence to them, pitches them to real businesses, and attempts to execute. Framing the program as a business reality show rather than a comedy show, Nathan For You feels like you took a wrong turn on HGTV lane, and it's brilliant.

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