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The Top 10 Best Dressed Rappers

The rappers defining our fashion today!

Hip hop culture is vast, and almost as important as the music and the dancing to that culture is the clothing. Fashion, especially in recent years, has become an essential part of hip hop, due to the emergence of rappers as genuine fashion moguls. Here are the top ten best dressed rappers out there!

10. Playboi Carti

One word describes how Playboi Carti dresses: clean. It's so clean. Look at that outfit. He looks like a snowy spaceman from the future. There's no flashy colors, but every single article of this outfit is bold in a way that makes the entire outfit blend together into a product that just makes you say wow.

9. The Notorious B.I.G.

Coogi down to the socks, like I'm Biggie Papa BABYYYYYY

Biggie knew how to put an outfit together. His iconic Coogi sweaters are a huge part of the designer's success in the states. Sure, Biggie wasn't wearing heels and a purse, but damn it if he didn't look awesome.

He always just let one thing pop, with a clean cut outfit to complement that let the boldness of that article shine. Legendary.

8. André 3000

Andre and Big Boi are legends for Outkast as much as they are for their fashion. Look at that outfit. The hippie pants, the army jacket, and the cowboy hat. It's a ridiculous outfit. Yeah, it is, but doesn't it look good? It's American counterculture at its finest, and it looks amazing.

7. Tierra Whack

Tierra doesn't have the gravity the other people on this list have with her fashion, but my God if it isn't good. You can see it in the thumbnail. It's eccentric, colorful, artistic, and meaningful to her work. I'm obsessed.

6. Olu AKA Johnny Venus

Make no mistake, WowGr8 can dress too, but something about Johnny's just hits me. Also, I commented on Earthgang's TikTok the other day, and they liked the comment, so I'll be riding that high for the next month or so.

Johnny's outfits are always an unmistakable homage to Africana in a beautiful, unique way. He always looks like a painting, wherever he goes.

5. Shabba Ranks

Not technically a rapper, more a dancehall musician, but I can't not include Shabba in a fashion list. And now, prepare for my second A$AP Ferg quote of the day:

Sha, Shabba Ranks, Sha, Sha, Shabba Ranks, eight gold rings, like I'm Sha, Shabba Ranks

Look at the rings. The bracelet. The chains, the floral shirt, the glasses. He was an originator of the flashy style associated with hip hop today. He's just so cool.

4. A$AP Rocky

So, A$AP Rocky is a fashion icon. We all know that. Lord Pretty Flacko Jodeye calls himself that pretty motherf***** for a reason. He is. I'm not even going to explain his impact on fashion or how well he dresses, you should know that by now.

This is a man with an entire Twitter thread dedicated to his fingernails. Show some respect.

3. Tyler, The Creator

Tyler defined his own branch of style. His Odd Future clothing line made waves, with every weird kid you knew in high school sporting a donut hoodie (me too). Then, he launched Golf Le Fleur, and the GOLFWANG clothing line, which created a new category: black preppy. Tyler dresses like a ninety year old man at a golf course, taking preppy style and reappropriating it for black culture. It's so cool, he's so cool, case closed.

2. Kanye

I just said Kanye, that should be enough for you. The man is a billionaire because of his clothing and fashion sense.

1. Young Thug

No one has pushed fashion forward in the rap world like Young Thug. He's a gender fluid icon. I alike him to someone like Lady Gaga, whose sense and taste is so in the future that when they do something, we don't even realize it's cool yet.

Thugger is a visionary who broke the gender binary before there was even one to break.


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