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X Still Isn't Moderating Hate Speech

X Still Isn't Moderating Hate Speech
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The social media site failed to remove 86 percent of posts with "extreme hate speech" in a new report.

X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter, failed to remove 86 percent of posts reported for containing "extreme hate speech," new research has found.

In a report published Wednesday by the Center for Countering Digital Hate, the nonprofit flagged 300 posts on the platform that presented a a "clear violation of X's policies on hate speech." X'shateful conduct policy prohibits users from targeting an individual or group with hateful imagery, incitement, slurs and tropes, and dehumanizing comments.

Elon Musk makes big changes on X

CCDH researchers found that 86 percent of the posts had not been removed within a week of reporting them to moderators. Some featured racist caricatures, Holocaust denial, and imagery such as the Nazi swastika.

One post referred to Hitler as "a hero who will help secure a future for white children." Another claimed "Blacks don’t need provoking before becoming violent. It’s in their nature.”

A previous CCDH report from June found that the platform had failed to act on 99 percent of posts from verified users that had been reported for violating hateful content rules. X filed a lawsuitawsuit against the nonprofit in August, accusing it of making "false" claims. The suit did not deter the nonprofit from releasing their newest report on X's inaction.

Owner of X, Elon Musk, also accused the Anti-Defamation League earlier this month of “trying to kill” the site, threatening a lawsuit against the organization. Musk alleged that X's recent decline in advertisement sales were the result of an ADL report from May that found more than 5,000 examples of “virulent anti-Semitism” in just one month from accounts that were not removed, or in some cases, reinstated.

Musk has insisted that he is "pro free speech, but against anti-Semitism of any kind," but ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt believes he is leading a "highly toxic, anti-Semitic campaign."

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