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Wynonna Judd Reflects On A Somber Year & Launches Her Own CBD Company

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The country icon is focusing her energy on products that can help relieve stress as events start to come back!

As one of the biggest country singers in the world, Wynonna Judd has found work to be exhausting at times. Now, the artist has her own line of CBD products designed to relieve some stress from the day.

Wynonna CBD aims to help those who don't give themselves a break, known as the workaholics of our world. Judd understands exactly where this work ethic comes from, since she herself is a perfectionist.

"I want to teach other men and women who are sort of the working, you know, crazy person, never vacation, which I don't, and just what it's like to recover from perfectionism and all the things I've struggled with over the years, just to find a place where I can end my days saying, 'My best is good enough.' To have some peace. That's the ticket."

With a CBD and lavender vanilla infused oil, balm, and bath bomb, Wynonna CBD is sure to calm the tensions of the body and mind.

Inspiration Behind The Company ☁️

With a life dedicated to touring and the rigorous lifestyle as a global musical artist, Judd has had to creatively think up alternatives for tending to her back pains.

"I can't have any kind of surgery on my back, because they'll have to go in through the vocal cords... not gonna happen. I had to find an alternative because I didn't want to go on pain medication and I didn't want to face the thing that so many artists and people do, you know when they get to be in pain or they have depression or they have stuff."

Wynonna In Quarantine 🏠

Like many people this past year, Judd has been quarantining with her husband, singer Cactus Moser, on a farm. During this quieter year, the Grammy-winner has given herself time to reflect on her priorities.

"Being here on the farm, it's really quiet here and I had to face some realities.What is life like when you're on the farm and you're not touring...when you don't hear the applause and the music, what do you hear? Nothingness. I had to face some things, whether it was lifestyle stuff or just my health."

For more information on Wynonna CBD, click here.

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