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If you grew up watching Super Friends, you probably know who the Wonder Twins are. Before DC's Justice League was even known as the Justice League, the Wonder Twins were the original sidekicks to the team of Earth's greatest heroes, which included Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

They first appeared in the second season of the 1973 series to replace the team's former sidekicks, none of whom had any powers, and who were cited as being "Scooby Doo knock offs". The Wonder Twins, in contrast, hail from an alien planet and have the ability to shapeshift. Jayna is able to turn into any animal, while her brother Zen can take the many different forms of water.

Because of their (Zed's) powers, the two have often been the butt of jokes in other DC media. After their debut in Super Friends, it took over twenty years for the twins to make an appearance in the DCU comics. Despite their histroy, the first comic series of their own only released three years ago. They've since been featured in Teen Titans Go!, Smallville, and The Flash, but haven't been the subject of their own series or movie...until now.

Warner Bros recently confirmed that the Wonder Twins are getting their own live action movie for HBO Max. It's set to be written and directed by Black Adam's Adam Sztykiel, who also worked on Due Date, Project X, Spy Guys, We’re the Millers, and Scoob!

As of now, not much else is known about the project. Any plots are being kept under wraps, and no actors have been cast. Time will tell how the film will shape up--if it will lean into its comedic roots as a standalone for HBO, or if it will introduce the twins to the DC Cinematic Universe as bigger players.

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