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Why Michael Moore Never Doubted the Democrats

"You can’t take human rights away from an entire gender and not have that blow up in your face."

In the weeks ahead of this year's midterm elections, political pundits and pollsters all predicted a "red wave" of Republican votes—one that would seize control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate.

Historically, the incumbent political party will usually lose seats in midterm elections. Based on this trend, figures predicted that Republicans would sweep the 2022 races. Instead, the Biden Administration's Congress managed to hold an unprecedented number of seats.

Now that Democrats have secured Senate control, and the House is still up-for-grabs, commentators are eating their words. The one figure that has instead been proven right: leftist filmmaker Michael Moore, who counter-predicted a "blue tsunami."

Because of the social issues facing voters, Moore said he "never doubted" the Democrats would emerge victorious, and that "there was no way the Republicans were going to have some kind of landslide."

In an interview with The Guardian, Moore said "common sense and data" reveal that "there are more of us than them," especially given the demographics in the Democratic party's voter base.

“We’ve won seven of the last eight elections in the popular vote, we’ve got more registered, we have a new crop of young people every year, plus the fact that 70% of eligible voters are either women, people of color, or 18 to 25-year-olds, or a combination of the three,” he explained. “That’s the Democratic party’s base”.

According to Moore, issues such as abortion and LGBTQ+ rights motivated voters to turn out in support of Democratic candidates. In his most recent mass email, Mike's Midterm Tsunami Truth #41, he wrote that media focus on crime and economic debates are misguided.

“We were lied to for months by the pundits and pollsters and the media," Moore said. "Voters had not ‘moved on’ from the Supreme Court’s decision to debase and humiliate women by taking federal control over their reproductive organs. Crime was not at the forefront of the voters ‘simple’ minds. Neither was the price of milk. It was their democracy that they came to fight for yesterday."

Since beginning his email chain, Moore shared many recipients have expressed anxieties over the future of politics in the U.S., and resolved themselves to believing that the midterms were a lost cause. This couldn't have been further from the truth, he said.

“What’s inflation or past elections got to do with anything? We don’t live in that time anymore," Moore elaborated. "There are now going to be more women doctors than men, more women lawyers than men. Don’t you have a clue that there is something going on? You can’t take human rights away from an entire gender and not have that blow up in your face."

He continued: “The average liberal, progressive leftist needs to immediately stop think you’re going to lose. Stop it, stop it, stop it. Think ‘the American people are with us.'"

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