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Breaking Down Whitney Houston's Music Catalog

The late singer had numerous unforgettable hits. Now Reelz is giving viewers the backstory on her most popular songs in Whitney Houston: The Story of Her Songs.

For many fans, Whitney Houston is associated with I Will Always Love You and how her voice carries every word with such power and grace. Or maybe fans remember her on-screen chemistry with Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard. But there is a lot more to Whitney Houston's career and music.

Whitney Houston: The Story of Her Songs looks at what inspired some of the late singer's biggest hits. Academics and experts in the entertainment industry analyze the meaning behind songs like My Love Is Your Love.

Emily Lordi is a Professor of African American Culture. She points out in the music video for My Love Is Your Love that she's making it a point to be close to the audience. Lordi points out, "She is on stage. But she's on stage at a club. People are dancing. She's part of the group. She's part of the community. Part of the collective."

Entertainment Lawyer John P. Kellogg, ESQ. takes note of how Whitney Houston has evolved into the late 90s. "Her energy is different from 1987 to My Love Is Your Love. She looked mature. She looked sophisticated. And I think that it served her well."

Reelz is celebrating Whitney Houston and other music artists like Diana Ross on a special night of music Sunday, December 20th.

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