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What's Coming to Disney+ In June

What's Coming to Disney+ In June
Disney Plus

New and old Disney movies and television shows set to release throughout the month of June.

Each month Disney+ releases new movies and TV shows to their streaming service for fans to enjoy. This June, Disney+ is adding an array of content for any type of Disney fan. Here is a handpicked list of some of our favorites:

Alaska's Grizzly Gauntlet (S1)

National Geographic's Alaska's Grizzly Gauntletfollows a survivalist Les Stroud on his journey to Alaska. Stroud's mission is to immerse himself into the world of Alaskan brown bears. This dangerous trip is to observe the secrets to their survival and interaction with other species. As Stroud gets alarmingly close to the bears, he gives a detailed description of what he is experiencing. The series will be available for streaming on June 5th and will keep all animal lovers on the edge of their seat while watching.

Artemis Fowl

Disney's Artemis Fowl is a science fantasy adventure film based on the novel released in 2001 and is set to premiere on June 12th. The film is about a 12 year old boy who comes from a line of criminal masterminds, and his journey to find his father that had disappeared without a trace. While on the path to find his father, Artemis stumbles upon the complex world of fairies. Soon to find out, the Fowl family has stolen something from the fairies, leading Artemis in a war. This action packed film is sure to keep movie lovers entertained.

Schoolhouse Rock (S1)

Season one of the classicSchoolhouse Rockwe all know and love will be available for streaming on June 19th. The nostalgic cartoon that sang catchy tunes about bills, conjunctions and more will be available to bring us back to our childhood. The television show that debuted in the 1970s is still enjoyable and effective for children today, making it a great educational tool for kids over the summer.


Disney's original Tarzanwill finally be available for streaming on June 26th after a long waited arrival. The classic film tells the story of an infant raised by gorillas and adopts their way of living. That is until he meets humans for the first time and forms a bond with one of them, changing his whole life. Premiering in 1999, the film is loved by many and is considered timeless.

Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2

Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2, is a docu-series that dives deep into how the magical film came to be and the inspirations behind it. Interviews by stars such as Idina Menzel and Josh Gaad give behind the scenes stories on their experiences with making the film and how it differes from the first Frozen. The docu-series also features Jennifer Lee, writer and director of Frozen 2sitting down explaining her process of creating the film. The series will be available for streaming on June 26th.

For the full list of movies and television shows coming to Disney+ in June, click here.

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