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What to Watch Today, March 16th

Happy Tuesday! Here's what we're watching today.

I've always said there's no day for checking out what's premiering on TV like Tuesday, March 16th, 2021. Seriously, I say it all the time.

'Holmes Family Effect' on FOX

Back in December, FOX acquired the rights to Canadian reality show Holmes Family Effect, a reality show about a home contractor who travels Canada doing home renovations for people who help their community in exceptional ways.

Dan Harrison, Fox's EVP of program planning, recently interviewed with The Wrap, saying essentially that he didn't want Holmes Family Effect, but he did want Mike Holmes. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the creation of original content far more difficult for the major networks, and Harrison essentially made the move to acquire Holmes Family Effect in an effort to establish Holmes as a personality for future FOX programming.

So, don't expect much more Holmes Family Effect, but definitely expect more from the Holmes family.

'Staged' on Hulu

The first season of Staged was released on Hulu back in September 2020, and the second season is already premiering tonight! Although, it's not like a show set entirely on Zoom really needs all that much editing and post.

Staged is a British comedy set in the COVID-19 pandemic, with the vast majority of dialogue and scenes being shot over Zoom calls. It's a deeply creative and ingenious way to adapt to the world and reflect how we're all feeling. Go check it out!

'Waffles + Mochi' on Netflix

Coming straight from Barack and Michelle's production company, Higher Ground Productions, Waffles + Mochi is a new children's show that focuses on food starring former first lady Michelle Obama herself!

I'm not a huge fan of waffles and mochi. I get why it's appealing, but it's just a weird combo, because the waffle is never as warm as you want, and the mochi is never as cold as you want. You sort of imagine it as a warm cookies and ice cream scenario, but something's a little off always -

What's that? Talk about the show, no one cares about my food opinions, and I should actually do my job? Fine.

Anyways, the show will focus on exposing children to different cultures through food, which is a beautiful thing to do. Bravo, Michelle.

'Mayans M.C.' on FX

The FX spinoff to Sons of Anarchy that focuses on EZ Rayes and his hunt for his mother's killer continues with the premiere of season three tonight at 10pm!

South by Southwest Starts Today (virtually)

Didn't the parentheses just ruin that whole statement? I was excited too! But, the good news is that indie filmmakers will not suffer in obscurity on South by Southwest's watch. The virtual festival will take place from today to Saturday, with online passes going for $399 a pop.

'The Blended Bunch' on TLC

TLC has never been short on making great TV out of wild scenarios. From Skippy the 34 year old Mormon virgin to that guy in his 30s who dated 90 year olds to the woman who ate her mattress, there's nothing too wild for this network.

So here's the new premise: A widow and a widower get married, and move in together, leading to a total of 11 children under one roof, forming a modern day Brady Bunch.

This never gets old.

'Nostradamus: End of Days' on Travel Channel 

This new eight episode series will be making its way to Travel Channel and Discovery+ today.

By interpreting the writings of history's greatest prophet, Nostradamus, this series seeks to discover when and how the world will end. If the end of the world is, in fact, accurately predicted by The Travel Channel, I'll laugh for the rest of time.


Video On-Demand services are bringing us a bona-fide action flick about a small group of criminals who highjack the Eurostar beneath the English Channel, which absolutely ruins the protagonists wedding day. I hate when that happens to me.

Andy Serkis, one of my favorite actors ever, AKA Gollum, will be playing a supporting role as well.

'Promising Young Woman' out on DVD

The 2020 thriller-comedy starring Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham (!!!) is making its way to DVD today, after it was announced yesterday the film has FIVE (count em, five) Academy Award nominations, including a Best Picture nom.

Can a streaming service pick this up, please? I don't have a DVD player.

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